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This was my experience while playing games on

I accidentally found a way that you can win 5 times in a row in

now I only have $ 0.45 of capital and I started playing with bet $ 0.20 and I was surprised how I played 5 times in always win ..

capital of $ 0.45 to $ 1.71. I am so lucky

I always choose the head .. because if you choose the tail much less than the winning

I tried to pick my damn tail and bet 4 times never win ..  
ok ......

in this post I will only share tricks to you guys .. you are lucky to visit this simple blog  
maybe I will give a trick can be used on another website seperty game:

Best Perfect Money Head Tail Game List: (Updated)

Trik To Win :
before you play your first look at history

if there's already a losing between 3 or 4 or even 5 people please start playing

if there are 2 or more wins's wait until there are losers ..
after recently losing deh you start playing

suppose there are people who lost 5 to choose

head (lose)

head (lose)

tail (lose)

tail (lose)

head (lose)

then simply pick the head with a bet under $ 8 sure you win ..

I play always with a trick atasa and I always win of course

if you play with bet $ 8 less meal you have to bet $ 16 then you will win and your profits are:

$ 8 lose

$ 16 Win = then you still gain a lot
if it wins then you can repeat it all over again ...

Do not click play again if you win .. Copy link and open in new tab

  Good Luck