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Perfect Money HEAD TAIL GAME(Make over $500 per day)

The Game is very simple. Just guess the coin flip result,Head or Tail.If you guess right, winning paid 210% instant to the Perfect Money account you spend.
Your winning will be paid automatically after each game finish. Min Play only $0.1.So easy to double your PM.

How to play? - open this link

PM head tail w1
1. Choose Head or Tail, Place your bet (Bet amonut form $0.1 to $256).I choose HEAD, bet for $8.
2. Click 'WIN210%' to land on payment page of Perfect Money.

PM head tail w2

3. Click 'Make payment' to login your Perfect Money account.

PM head tail w3

4. Fill the form. ( Your Perfect Money account number and Password ).Click 'Preview payment' to login PM account.

PM head tail w4

5.Authorize Payment.Click 'Confirm payment' to Continue.


PM head tail w5

9. Click 'Continue' to Continue.

PM head tail w6

10.Cool, The coin result is HEAD , And I bet HEAD too. So I win this time, I got $8*210%=$16.8 to my Perfect Money account.
The money has been paid to my Perfect Money account automatically. Payout batch is 29060810.

PM head tail w7

Perfect Money online Casino (PM Head Tail Game) my favorit.


Good luck to you.

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