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Guide to WIN 100%! Perfect Money/PM Head Or Tail game?


Important: PLEASE Read Carefully. This trick works 100% if you are going to play in batches, or at least 3 bets or more.

Step 1, Observe the game if there are others who are playing. As this trick works best when you're playing alone on the game.

Step 2 For your first bet, the best way to follow is what was the last winning side, if it's Head or Tail. If it was Tail, bet on Tail with the lowest amount of bet.

If you didn't win, DON'T worry, we'll get it back!

Step 3 Now go back quick and check History of the game, if you're still playing alone.

And quickly, bet on the same side as what was the last winning side is, if it was Head then choose Head on your next bet, but with a higher amount than the previous.

Step 4 Continue the process until you WIN, and once you've already WON, go back from the Start of the process.. Congratulations!!!

As you will notice, we have made the WINNING percentage 100% with this trick!

NOW All you got to do is choose a game from below because this doesn't work on some other lr games.


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