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Simple Liberty Reserve double game. Just guess the coin flip result , Head or Tail.
If you guess right , winning paid 200%-300% instant to the Liberty Reserve account you spend.
So easy to double your Liberty Reserve.
Simple trick to win. If you lose , double your bet amount in the next round.

It is Depend With Your Luck , But More Percentage = More Winning

Winning Percentage = 50%
Winning Percentage = 50%
Winning Percentage = 45%
Winning Percentage = 45%
Winning Percentage = 45%
Winning Percentage = 45%

Here you can find a list with head or tails games:


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1. Choose the minimum bet $0,05 (If the minimum bet is $1, start with "counter 5th" and then total lost will minus 0,85 and become only $1, $3, $7, ..... So the profit become more big :))
2. Choose "head" or "tail". Remember, After choose a pick, you may not change your pick! use same pattern! (You can choose "head" or "tail", and at others games such as left & right, low & high, red & black, and others, use same strategy with head & tail, Its only different name, but have same pattern!)
Keep the static pattern until 14 times lost continually.
3. Click double now!
4. Pay the bet with Liberty Reserve
After that you will know win or lose.
5. If win, repeat step 1
If lost, bet again with double of your lost. Use same choice with lost before (static pattern).
Example: You lost $0,05 with "head", now you must bet $0,1 with "head" too!
So, if you win, you still get profit even if you lost before! The calculation if win, you get 2x (bet $0,1 get $0,2, profit $0,1 minus $0,05(lost before) you still get profit $0,05 !!!)
6. Next, you just repeat step 5
You can stop if you think thats enough!

Counter Bet Win Total Lost
1st $0,05 $0,1 $0,05

2nd $0,1 $0,2 $0,15

3rd $0,2 $0,4 $0,35

4th $0,5 $1 $0,85

5th $1 $2 $1,85

6th $2 $4 $3,85

7th $4 $8 $7,85

8th $8 $16 $15,85

9th $16 $32 $31,85

10th $32 $64 $63,85

11th $64 $128 $127,85

12th $128 $256 $255,85

13th $256 $512 $511,85

14th $512 $1024 .

You can see, single win always bigger than total of your lost before! Only need single win and all your lost will you get back plus profit (win minus total lost before)
So, you can pick "head" or "tail" static 14x continually. But in my experienced, the longest lost only 8x lost continually!"

"Attention!" 100% Win working if you finish until 14th counter. Under 14th, base on my experienced, I ever lost until counter 8, but win in counter 9. So, I never lost more than counter 9"

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